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This Company Cheated me of $7,000




This company’s owner Shane L Duhoff is dishonest. Do not do business with this company. He lies and took me for $7000. I am building an animal sanctuary and needed an equipment to dig ponds to provide water for animals. We don’t know anything about digging equipment. Shane was selling many used equipment out of his business in Phoenix. I assumed he was a dealer and honest. He said he had an equipment perfect for the job in his yard and gave me his word it was in good condition and only had 1000 hours of use. I paid him and he delivered a junk that wouldn’t re-start after only 30 minutes of use. He spayed tons of starting fluid on a hot summer day to finally start the Diesel engine to unload it. He said it was normal. Brakes didn’t work. Oil poured out everywhere.  Hydraulic hoses leak. Hydraulic cylinders leak. The equipment is no way in good shape as described.  He refuses to do anything to correct it. We were so excited to have an equipment to provide water and gave him our entire equipment budget. I contacted Better Business Bureau and filed a complaint. Same day the Vice President of the company Matthew Tellez, email me to contact him immediately. I called him and he said he will give me full refund next day after I told him my story and he will have the loader picked up. I recorded and have his text messages where we promised to refund my money.  He said he was shocked that starting fluid was prayed on a diesel to start it. Next day I received no return call as to my refund. Same day I received an email from BBB that Matthew replied to BBB that they did not sell me the loader. He went back on his word and tried to hide the sale. I can only guess they do not have dealer's license. These are the kind of people they are. I contacted Arizona Department of Transportation to investigate if this company have a dealers license to sell all these equipment. Dealers have rule they must follow in Arizona to protect the buyer from cheats. I will contact Arizona Attorney General’s Office to investigate this company. I will go all out launch dozens of websites to tell the world that these people are crooks. 

Contact me if you have been cheated at 850-994-2758



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